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SKY GEL, an ultrasound gel applicable to all external ultrasound procedure. SKY GEL has dual viscosity formulation which can be applied as a gel and scan as a fluid. Unique formulation water based SKY GEL make it friendly to most ultrasound apparatus. Scanning procedure is at fingertips as the mentioned unique formulations maximize the level of conductivity with least interference and achieve highest clarity of the gel.SKY GEL promotes productivity and ease interpretation.

SKY GEL only contents HALAL compliant ingredients which are safe for use among Muslim who preferred gel product with HALAL mark. We are only ISO 13485 certified ultrasound gel manufacturer in Malaysia

1 Sky Gel Ultrasound 260g  




Identifying embryos on the monitor

Diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound procedures

Ultrasound examination

Sound and vibration system

Physical therapy


1 btl 24btl/carton
2 Sky Gel Ultrasound 5kg 1 kettles 2 kettles/ carton